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BGHC Canada x T6 x Athleta

The Toronto Six hockey team, in collaboration with Athleta, hosted a unique event that celebrated inclusion and diversity in hockey. The event took place on Sunday, February 12th, and was open to members of the Black Girl Hockey Club Canada community.

The girls who participated in the event were treated to a "Pro" day experience, which included a warm-up and stretch led by a Toronto Six trainer, a tour of the team's locker room, and a Q&A session with legendary hockey player Angela James and trailblazer Bernice Carnegie. James and Carnegie are pioneers in women's hockey and have paved the way for many young women of colour to pursue their passion for the sport.

The event also offered the opportunity to create posters and wear BGHC jerseys during the game, which featured the Toronto Six facing off against the Montreal Force. In addition to the game itself, there were a few surprises from Athleta, adding to the excitement of the day.

This event was an excellent example of how sports can bring people together, regardless of their background, and promote inclusivity and diversity. The Toronto Six and Athleta set a great example for other organizations in the sports industry by taking concrete steps to address the underrepresentation of women of colour in hockey.

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