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BGHC Canada x UnitedWeCurl

The UnitedWeCurl x BGHC-CA event held on April 15th was an outstanding initiative that brought together girls from diverse backgrounds to experience the thrill of playing curling. This event was an opportunity to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in sports, and allow members of our BGHC community to try out a new sport. The event started with an ice fitting and warm-up session, followed by an on-ice session with the United We Curl team, Team Wrana from Sweden, Team Homan from Canada, and Canadian curling icon Jennifer Jones. The participants, who came from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, had the opportunity to interact directly with the athletes and receive training on how to curl. BGHC CA members even taught team Wrana a tiktok dance! These experiences are significant because they enable participants to develop skills, confidence, and a sense of belonging in a supportive environment.The event's importance lies in its ability to create opportunities for girls from diverse backgrounds to engage in sports. The event aimed to challenge the traditional gender stereotypes that have long dominated the sports industry. Curling is a sport that is usually associated with men and older adults, and this event aimed to show that girls and young women can excel in this sport as well. The UnitedWeCurl x BGHC-CA event provided a platform for girls to showcase their talent and inspire others to take up the sport.

The success of this event sends a strong message to the sports industry that we need to continue to create more opportunities for girls from diverse backgrounds to participate in sports and thrive.

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