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About Us

Black Girl Hockey Club Canada aims to provide a safe and welcoming space for Black women of all ages, to express their love for the game, make new friends and inspire more Black women to get into the sport of hockey!

Who Are We?

Black Girl Hockey Club Canada is a non-profit organization that focuses on making hockey more inclusive for not only Black women, but our family, friends and allies!


How We Help

BGHC Canada actively works to prevent exclusion in hockey based on race, gender, sexuality or ability in the face of institutional racism, financial gatekeeping and program access. Black Girl Hockey Club Canada provides financial-aid and scholarship opportunities as well as mentorship and community spaces that give Black women access to hockey.

Black people have been pushing hockey forward since its inception. BGHC Canada ensures that stories of Black hockey history and Black excellence in the sport are told to the next generation of Black hockey players.

Our Mission

The mission of Black Girl Hockey Club Canada is to inspire and sustain passion for the game of hockey within the Black community, specifically with our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends.

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