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Community Programs

Embedded within the BGHC mission is the act of creating safe space for Black folk and the people who love us to grow the game of hockey. To ensure this is done authentically, BGHC partners with members of the community and with other local organizations to create a global network of solidarity in order to strengthen our commitment to civic engagement in Black, BIPOC, and African Diaspora communities.

Fitness Portrait
Fitness Portrait

Mentorship Program

In partnership with SaroyaStrong, we provide both in-person and virtual mentorship for Black women between the ages of 8 and 21.

Home School

Financial Aid & Scholarships

In partnership with Canadian Tires Jumpstart Charity, we provide need-based financial aid and scholarships for Black women of all ages and levels of play.


Mental Health & Wellness

Providing mental health and wellness resources through subsidized therapy, focus groups and community events.

Community Events

In partnership with NHL teams and surrounding community initiatives, we aim to create accessible, diverse and welcoming events across Canada.

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