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Nursey Night

Black Girl Hockey Club Canada is so excited to announce 'Nursey Night' in partnership with Sarah Nurse and the PWHL, presented to you by Rogers. 

We'll be hosting incredible girls from the Black Girl Hockey Club Canada community at select PWHL Toronto home and away games. You'll get the chance to cheer on PWHL Toronto and after the game the girls will have the opportunity to hang out and chat with Sarah. But that's not it - at the end of the season, each attendee will be invited to a private Zoom session with her as well! 

Launching 2.16 with 20 spots available, the remainder of the Nursey Night games 5 girls will be selected to attend

Nursey Night dates:

  • Feb 16th: MTL @ Toronto 7 pm EST 

  • March 8th: MTL @ Toronto 7pm EST 

  • March 20th: BOS @Toronto 7pm EST 

  • May 1st: MIN @Toronto 1pm EST  

  • Apr 24: TOR @ New York 7pm ET 

Sign-ups are open to girls all across Canada as we will have the opportunity to provide transportation for girls to attend out of province.

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