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BGHC Canada Scholarships 2022/23

This year we are so excited to announce & congratulate our 2022/23 Scholarship

Award Winners presented to you by Canadian Tire’s jumpstart charity!

With 35 applicants for this year’s scholarships, we are proud to highlight these nine

young women who are putting in the work on and off the ice. Our applicants were

required to submit their grades, as well as write personal essays on both what they

hope to pursue in hockey, as well as how they can impact the community by

playing the game. These ladies are not only phenomenal hockey players but

amazing students as well! We were amazed by their personal essays and could not

be more proud to help fund and further their careers! Congratulations Queens!

Our top four scholarship awards are given to girls ages, 15 to

19 that are looking to pursue hockey at the collegiate level.

They are required to have a 3.0 GPA or above and provide a

letter of recommendation from a current or former coach, a

teacher, or a mentor! All of the ladies above exceeded all of

these expectations, and we look forward to watching their

careers flourish as they move forward in their careers. We

wish them the best of luck in their pursuit of playing

collegiately, or even professionally, one day!



This year’s Angela James Scholarship Award goes to Kianna Saillant, a Winnipeg Centerman, who will be playing D3 NCAA Women’s Ice Hockey at Arcadia University, starting this fall! Kianna aspires to change the game of hockey by not only being a piece of representation for Black women but spreading awareness within the mental health community for Black women as well!

Congratulations, Kianna!



This year’s, Bernice Carnegie

Scholarship Award goes to Elicia

McDonald, a Scarborough

defenseman! Elicia aspires to

play NCAA hockey one day as

she continues her career here in

the GTA, playing for the

Scarborough Sharks U15AA

team! Elicia hopes to be a role

model to young black women

along the way by volunteering

her time and assisting younger

players, to get into the game of


Congratulations, Elicia!



This year’s, Blake Bolden

scholarship award goes to

Sienna Bullen, a Mississauga

Centermen, who will be playing

OUA Women’s Ice Hockey for

the Queens Gaels starting this

fall! Being recognized as her

former team's most dedicated

player, Sienna knows what it

takes to be both a great student

and a great athlete! Sienna

volunteers her time helping

empower young Black women to

pursue the game of hockey!

Congratulations, Sienna



This year's Sarah Nurse

Scholarship Award goes to Aliza

Rooker, a Vancouver left winger

who aspires to play hockey at the

collegiate level! Not only is Aliza

a great captain and leader on her

team, but she also volunteers her

time outside of the arena at a

local food bank! Aliza is

outspoken about racism in hockey

and has volunteered countless

times to help not only black

women in Hockey but other

BIPOC communities as well!

Congratulations, Aliza!

Our Rising Star scholarship awards are given to girls ages 10 to 15

who have a dream of playing hockey, both for fun or at the

collegiate level! The scholarship award winners are required to

maintain a GPA of 2.5 and we hope that by encouraging them with

these scholarships, we encourage them to stay in the game and

pursue hockey at the highest level they can!


Evelyn is a Brampton right winger who enjoys

playing hockey for the team aspect of the sport!

Evelyn hopes to make the game more inclusive

by being kind and welcoming new people into

the game no matter the colour of their skin

Congratulations, Evelyn!


Norah Nyaba is a Kemptville Forward who

aspires to use social media to share her stories

and accomplishments with the hockey world

and show other young black girls that hockey

loves them back!

Congratulations, Norah!


Aaminah Iqbal is an Oakville left winger who

aspires to inspire her younger sister to play the

game of hockey as the only Muslim Girl on her

team! Congratulations, Aaminah!


Olivia Brown is a North Halton forward who

has an amazing work ethic and passion for

the game! Olivia hopes to play in the

Olympics one day just like our sister and

friend, Sarah Nurse!

Congratulations, Olivia!


Morgan Smith-Johnson is a Toronto

Forward who wants to show other young

black girls that playing hockey is meant for

us! Morgan hopes to play professional

women’s hockey one day!

Congratulations, Morgan!

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