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Black Girl Hockey Club Canada Camp 2023

Kianna Saillant said she was in tears when she left the ice on the last day of Black Girl Hockey Club Canada's summer camp in Toronto on July 23.

"I was so sad to leave," Saillant said. "The last hour I was just crying. The camp meant the world to me, and it really changed my perspective on how important it is to have diversity in hockey."

The 18-year-old forward from Winnipeg was one of 68 players of color from across Canada and the United States who attended the inaugural camp held by BGHC Canada, a free event held July 22-23 at the Canlan-York Sports Arena.

Saroya Tinker, BGHC Canada's co-founder and executive director who played for Toronto of the Premier Hockey Federation last season, and Sophie Jaques, a former Ohio State University defenseman, led the camp.

Tinker said she had longed to host a camp to provide an outlet and bonding opportunity for girls of color who may feel isolated or targeted because they may be the only non-white players on their teams or in entire leagues.

"I thought it was so important to have this space as Black women, which is what Black Girl Hockey Club is for," she said, "but I think it was also important to show how many Black girls we have."

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